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What a difference a week makes!

After three weeks filled with stress and fear, we awaken this Monday morning with new hope that change in Haiti is on the horizon. The past few weeks have left many in despair, but people in Haiti are sensing a new hope that will give peace a chance and effect positive changes in their lives. In order to help friends and other people understand the recent protests in Haiti, I have decided to share my thoughts and personal experience of the past few weeks.

A few points to ponder:

a) All schools have reopened and students are extremely happy to be back in classes. Parents awake by 5 AM to get their children ready for school. Rich or poor, they know education is the key to the future for their children. There is still apprehension, but there is hope.  b) Last week, twenty-three Australian tourists visited Haiti despite the government instability. They enjoyed visiting several historical places and the beautiful countryside. Let this be an encouragement to others to take in the beauty of Haiti and to meet its resilient, hard working, and enthusiastic people. We hope that Haiti will once again become a tourist destination and provide work for the tourism industry. c) All service businesses such as banks, money transfer agencies, and markets have resumed normal operations. Food and fuel remain very expensive. Life is slowly returning to normal.  d) The president created a neutral board to plan the “Inter-Haitian dialogue.” This board is composed of citizens who are neither from government nor the opposition and whose purpose is to provide an opportunity for the opposition and the government to sit down and to discuss and formulate a new plan for the development of the country.

To conclude, I am relieved and excited that life seems to have settled back into the normal routine. My hope is that both government officials and the opposition will find a way to compromise and to create a plan for stability and future economic development to benefit all of Haiti.

Ernso Sylvain 

NEC Haitian Board Member Translator, Interpreter and Guide  International affairs student

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