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Student Highlight: Ancito

My name is Ancito Cherenfant and I am 18 years old. My family is from the country side and is very poor. My mother is a widow with nine children. It is very hard for her to care for us and we regularly go with out food. My aunt lives in town and she lets me stay with her during the week so I may attend school. On the weekends, I walk nine miles each way to visit my mom and siblings.

I feel very enthusiastic about the NEC scholarship because without it I would not be able to attend school because my family is so poor. I am blessed for having such a great opportunity to go to such a great school. I know I am learning important skills to be successful in the future. The scholarship also provides me with a meal a day. Before the scholarship I would regularly go without food.

Life in Haiti is hard sometimes because there is not always enough food to eat, especially on the weekends or in the summer. The summer program this past summer was awesome because I got to learn English and always knew I would eat each day. I am happy when I am at school because I am with my friends and I learn life skills that my parents could not teach me. I want to study in a technical program or become an engineer. I hope to pass all my exams and attend the summer program again.

I would like to tell Nourish Every Child and the people that sponsor me that I am so thankful for their support.

Thank you so very much!

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