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My Thoughts About Haiti

I’m not a medical worker, in fact, I made that decision in college after completing a CNA course and working at a state facility for two years. In the midst of running away screaming, I determined the medical field was not for me.

So, for me, to travel with a medical team seemed out of place; however, I trusted Jennifer Burns and wanted to help her cause anyway I could. I was also admittingly curious about this place, called Haiti. I was already sponsoring 10 students with Nourish Every Child; and this was a chance to meet them. Up to this point, Nourish Every Child was photographs and stories.

Elizabeth on her most recent trip to Haiti

If you have ever been to Haiti, you’d probably agree that it resembles many overworked and under supported countries in this world. Unfortunately, there are all too many places that look like Haiti, even here in America; but Haitian people can be happy and hopeful. NEC now sponsors a significant amount of young, optimistic and talented students that will clearly be the future of Haiti. Meeting these NEC sponsored children and seeing the happiness in their eyes is a true gift that Nourish Every Child has given to me; and ultimately is giving to Haiti.

The community has a provincial feel. Haitian families are quite large, but these families can be fragmented and living in a variety of places. Resulting in an impression that most everyone is related to one another. Truly, over one hundred families can be affected by the support of even just one NEC student… it is a tangible reminder of ripple effect phenomenon.

I am proud to be a Nourish Every Child Sponsor because I now know many of these children and they need us, and I am comforted by knowing that we are helping them reach their potential, and it’s endless.

--J. Elizabeth Freeman

Annual donor to Nourish Every Child, frequent traveler to Haiti and CEO of Lux Properties

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