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Check out what NEC's Event and Corporate Sponsor Chair has been up to!

Nourish Every Child is blessed with a diverse and passionate team that sits on our NEC Board of Directors. Recently, our talented NEC Event Chair and Corporate Sponsor Chair, Jen Van Moorlehem, was highlighted in an article written by Jon Clark of This growing online publication spotlights entrepreneurial business leaders in the Valley of Sun; and they chose our Jen Van Moorlehem!

Why Jen? She has considerable experience in not only hotel sales, but cross-department management, event planning, contract negotiation and task-force placement; and parlayed all of that multi-specialty wisdom into running her own company, Maison Blanc Consulting , LLC. Jen's consulting company specializes in event planning, contract management and venue procurement. Maison Blanc Consulting is able to finesse their client's wedding/ event planning to maximize contract negotiation, expand their client's party "wow-factor" and extend their marketing reach (if need be); all while limiting the client's liability and ultimately saving Maison Blanc's clients their associated costs! How can you not completely embrace that business model?

Besides being the principal owner of Maison Blanc Consulting, Jen is a tri-athlete and a devoted yoga enthusiast! She is a sister, daughter, mother of two darling daughters and wife to a very busy ER physician/executive. Jen not only volunteers considerable amount of time to her children's school and other various local charities; she also sits on the board of both NEC (Nourish Every Child) and MASK (Mother's Awareness of School Age Kids) and she is the Director of Special Events for Midwives for Haiti.

Jen Van Moorlehem is committed, focused, organized, and driven. She dazzles us with her enthusiasm and gorgeous smile; and humbles us all by her ability to be strengthened and ultimately graced by life's grittiest moments. Please read this article to understand how extremely lucky NEC is to have such a talented lady on our Board! Here is the link:


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